"Warm Hearts to the Cold-Blooded."

Reptile Rescue of the Carolinas (RROTC) is a non-profit organization for the overall welfare & education of both native and captive bred reptiles and amphibians. Our members are licensed wildlife rehabilitators through the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, zoologists, veterinary technicians, former breeders, and very experienced owners.  Reptile Rescue of the Carolinas works in cooperation with North Carolina State University's Herpetology Club, Pre-Veterinary Club and Zoology Club.  Their interns and our volunteers  make a lot of RROTC operations possible.

We take in native, injured or threatened reptiles and amphibians and place them in an area away from human development after proper treatment of their ailments.  We provide homes to the unwanted, neglected or abused reptiles and amphibians through our active adoption program.

Our organization also houses an educational program for the general public, and provides seminars to North Carolina State University's various clubs and events within certain colleges.

Our facility is currently a work in progress, and we will keep everyone updated on its progress.
For emergency rehabilitation or resources, call our team at:
Ali: (919) 500-0166
Matt: (919) 703-5809
Zachary: (919) 656-1605
Joshua: (919) 995-1934

General Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please explore our team through the sub-menu above to find information and methods of additional contact for each member.